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Akshen corporation is established in 2000 by some former senior managers in Chemical and Petrochemical industries of the country in order to  develop required technical level of industrial and engineering services specially in petroleum,gas and petrochemicals field. Although it is not quite a long time after establishment of the company, but we performed valuable projects in each of mentioned fields by the help of knowledge and experience of our senior managers and also information and endeavor of young engineers in the company.

Our Background

What we bring forward

has always taken into consideration

Providing technical services for troubleshooting,repairs,maintenance and components and equipment’s installation

Providing all of the recognition, Analyzing, modeling, calculations, manufacturing and supplying materials services for plant equipment’s and spare parts.

Partnership with Persian and foreign private and juridical people and investment related to company issue

Mechanized systems and communication networks modeling and Control and monitoring of production lines

Providing supporting systems, planning and controlling activities in all mentioned fields and all computerized services (hardware and software)

Providing all engineering services,Erection and Construction, Triggering and Management of industrial Projects

Recent Projects

There is always a way

Case history Smart Design Ideal Implementation

Equipment supplier and Plan Executive Of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries

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