Chemical plants erection consultant engineer’s corporation and effective plan equipped installation – Akshen that is active as consultant and contractor of national oil, gas and petrochemical projects, believes in crucial decisive role of the manpower in the company goals achievement, is determined to specially consider environmental requirements and staff hygiene, health and safety with deploying their related systems. Therefore, it is a must and commitment to observe following principles in cooperation and partnership with all the headquarter and executive staff:

  • Using all the terms and conditions, standards and health instructions in order to supply, protect and upgrade the health level of the staff against accidents and work-related diseases.

  • Considering environmental terms and conditions in order to optimum energy consuming and decreasing environmental pollutants

  • Putting effort to manifest the “Prevention before treatment” principle in order to remove incidents reason and work-related diseases

  • Monitoring health status function continuous improvement, safety and the environment specially in the projects operation place and inducting sense of responsibility toward issues related to health, safety and the environment of all the staff.

  • Putting effort in continuous improvement of the environment, health and safety status by holding needed educational courses in order to upgrade awareness and knowledge of all the corporation personnel and performing internal auditions in in predicted times.

One of the most important industries goals is to be more productive and high quality in the cover of considering health issues, safety and environment, having healthy labor force, secure from diseases and work-related incidents and a pollutants free environment.