Akshen company with the support of an elderly board in refinery, petrochemical and chemical plants,and expert staff with efficient work background and its technical facilities is able to provide extensive service related to these groups of plants.

These services include engineering services, design, project management, monitoring and consultancy and preinstallation and installation services, pipelines and equipments erection, exploitation and repairs and maintenance.We draw your attention to a few of performed projects in the mentioned fields by this company.

Management and consultancy:

  • Supervision of projects and providing petrochemical engineering services of Shahid Tondgooyan(Tehran), for one year from Oct 7,2010 to Sep 21,2011 with the contract number 025-10-89.

Consultancy for Waste incinerator erection of Arak refinery:

In Arak refinery waste incinerator erection, modeling foundation, process based drawing modification and revision,mechanical maps modification and revision and finally running, project erection and triggering was done.

Ethylene new line engineering designing project from Aryasasool petrochemical in Asalooye harbor to Farsashimi plant (JAM petrochemical ethylene glycol unit)

  • This project includes erection and installation of “10 pipeline with 2 kilometers in length and 30 bar pressure is considered to transfer gas ethylene from Aryasasool petrochemical to Farsashimi corporation plant.At first it was conceptual, basical and detail engineering for erection and running pipeline,and financial case study investigated. And then its procedural studies get done.On the final phase pipelines plan maps, tension analysis calculations and executive maps was produced and ready to run.

  • Consulting contract for Aryasasool-Farsashimi branch line ethylene pipe design and engineering – for one year from 2010-05-16 to 2011-07-22 with the contract number of FCC-89-001

Faravaresh petrochemical project

  • Providing technical engineerig services for Besparan petrochemical expolitation units – for one year from 2005-12-22 to 2006-12-21 with the contract number of ب/383/84

  • Performing engineering , design, Besparan petrochemical consultancy services for two years from 2000-12-26 to 2003-03-20 with the contract number of ب/145/79

Water force petrochemical project

  • Performing consultance services for planning mechanized system and financial petrochemical waterforce projects control – for two years from 2005-06-22 to 2007-06-21 with the contract number of آ/232/84

Amirkabir petrochemical project

  • Performing design, construction operations and installing twelve ducts on the gas and liquid oven walls of Amirkabir petrochemical Olefin unit – for one month from 2015-07-22 to 2015-08-22 with the contract number of AKOLIN994041083.

  • Design and performing coils replacement and Amirkabir petrochemical Olefin unit gas and liquid oven TLE – for five months from 2015-07-22 to 2015-12-21 with the contract number of AKOLIN994041082.