Akshen company with the support of an elderly board in refinery, petrochemical and chemical plants,and expert staff with efficient work background and its technical facilities is able to provide extensive service related to these groups of plants.

These services include engineering services, design, project management, monitoring and consultancy and preinstallation and installation services, pipelines and equipments erection, exploitation and repairs and maintenance.We draw your attention to a few of performed projects in the mentioned fields by this company.

Erection and Triggering:

  • Performing construction, erection, pre triggering and triggering methanol unt, for four years from 2012-09-05 to 2015-09-06 with the contract number of AM-CQQ7

Maroon petrochemical project

  • Piping and mechanical equipments erection, electrical, instrumentation and Maroon petrochemical HDPE unit granule silo accessories operation, for one and a half year from 2013-02-27 to 2013-02-27 with contract number of 717/2-106-38.

  • Maroon petrochemical LPNG 16” piping line operations – for two months from 2013-04-13 to 2013-06-14 with contract number of 720/2-106-38.

  • Performing Maroon petrochemical HDPE unit pretriggering and triggering tasks – for two years from 2005-05-11 to 2006-05-21 with the contract number of 255/2-13-38.

Mechanical completion – Pre triggering – triggering and JAM petrochemical(Farsashimi corp) EO/EG unit repairs project with the contract number of FCC-84-017

  • JAM petrochemical EG/EG unit based on the process of SHELL corporation for KT 400 annual production MEG product with the EP contract assigned to TCM/PIDEC consortium. This unit was assigned to private sector after performing basical and detailed engineering operations and a corporation named Farsashimi was established and unit executive activities was devoted to Farsashimi corporation until exploitaion phase.

The first contractor performed construction and executive phases erection up to about 70 percent but because of long delay and dullness of the operations, was evicted  by Farsashimi corporation.

From 2006-02-26, a contract with the description of attachment for performing remaining tasks, executive defects, and also repairings on them, pretriggering and triggering and repairs until triggering Akshen corporation and Farsashimi was coagulated and executive operations initiated from 2006-04-05 by Akshen corporation.

Regarding to unit fundamental equipment list, although a significant amount of these devices had been placed on the previous foundation by the former contractor, but a lot of defects up to the completion of rotating and fixed eqipments,piping and structure and support was found unconsidered.Listed tasks in the contract was finished on time but extra ones made the contract lengthening and despite all difficulties and material deficiencies, EO/EG unit was started by Akshen Co. Repairs and exploitation team after got feeding from JAM olefin unit.

Performing Ethylene pipeline operations between Aryasasool and Farsashimi, for two months from 2011-06-22 to 2011-09-22 with the contract number of FCC-90-5016/1.