Akshen corporation is established in 2000 by some former senior managers in Chemical and Petrochemical industries of the country in order to develop required technical level of industrial and engineering services specially in petroleum, gas and petrochemicals field. Presentable services by this company that includes a wide range of referring explained industry activates are:

  • Technical engineering services including preliminary and comparative design, Project Management, supervision, consulting, performing capacity increase studies ,Pipe rack and pipelines modeling, equipment’s design, updating and As-Built making the plant documents and plans, doing HAZOP studies, work explanation providing services, material estimation, primitive cost estimation and tender documents preparation,3D models design, project control and planning services, equipment’s optimization, uses change and systems correction

  • Erecting powerhouse, refinery and petrochemical factories

  • Pipelines installation and pre triggering service equipment’s and triggering Erecting powerhouse, refinery and petrochemical factories

  • Factories exploitation services

  • Annual repair and maintenance, fundamental repairs and repairing advice services

Although it is not quite a long time after establishment of the company, but we performed valuable projects in each of mentioned fields by the help of knowledge and experience of our senior managers and also information and endeavor of young engineers in the company